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Perfect Holiday and Dental Treatment

in İstanbul-Turkey

Would you like to have your dental treatments done professionally with Florydent’s expert dentists while discovering the historical and cultural beauties of Istanbul? You can enjoy the historical places in Istanbul while having your hygienic, professional and perfect dental treatment.

Istanbul is one of the fascinating historical cities around the world. The city is a critical intersection between two continents and has been home to numerous civilizations throughout history. Turkey, on the other hand, particularly Istanbul, stands out with experienced dentists, professional dental treatments, and smile make-over operations utilising the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Therefore, visiting Istanbul and having dental treatment in the meantime can give you one of the most memorable moments of your life!
Our professional dental team can plan your dental treatment carefully and professionally to help you enjoy the beauties of the city while having the smile you wish for!

Experienced Dental Team &

The Latest Technology

KEM Klinik offers dental treatment with an experienced dental team and state-of-art technology. 

Our dental team consists of experts working in different branches for the perfect smile.
Combined with the latest dental technology, the results for our dental treatments in Turkey have high customer satisfaction levels.

Dental Treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey provides numerous benefits in terms of high-quality dental treatment, affordable price policy, and visiting the beautiful cities of Turkey.

You can work with the best and most experienced dentists in Istanbul and have the most professional treatment. The expert dentists in Florydent will bring you a comfortable and high-quality dental treatment to meet your expectations.

Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey

Smile make-over and smile make-over with Hollywood smile, prosthetic treatments, implant treatments, wire treatments, plaque treatments, pediatric dentistry, emergency remedies, and all other dental operations are all handled by the experienced and expert dentists of Florydent.

CAD/CAM Technology

Florydent Dental Clinic uses cutting-edge technology in all dental treatments. The power of technology enables our dental experts to handle all patients with the highest care and attention. CAD/CAM machines and 3D Tomograph are among the latest technological instruments used in the Florydent Dental Clinic.

3D Tomography

CAD/CAM decreases the work of the dentist and dental technician to design a new smile for the patient.

Further, this new technology enables more intended results in terms of dental treatment. On the other hand, 3D Tomography offers a comprehensive portrayal of the entire mouth. Teeth, tooth roots, jaw bone, and the surrounding soft tissue can be easily detected with the 3D Tomography. Thus, dental treatment can be planned and applied with higher accuracy for the patient.

1 Week Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Treatment in Turkey

A 1-week smile make-over will give you the smile of your dreams in just a week.
You can have your smile make-over treatment in Turkey with high-quality materials,
excellent craftsmanship, and the help of the latest technology.

Smile Makeover Treatment

With the perfect dental procedures, a smile makeover can give you the smile you’ve desired! Accordingly, a dental check-up is made. Then, the treatment for your smile makeover will be planned. The dental treatment can include limited veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, and sinus lift.

Smile Makeover with Hollywood Smile

Another dental treatment option for a smile make-over is the Hollywood smile. This procedure involves creating a smile design unique to every patient. In this process, the latest technologies such as CAD/CAM and porcelain veneers are applied.

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